Managed Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity solutions designed for your success. Protect your business against cyberthreats with cyber security offerings including antimalware, ransomware protection, email security, network security and data security. Have a piece of mind with all the security work being done by professionals from Cyberonix.

Our Approach

Assess, Prioritize, Secure and Monitor



Complete assessment of your IT environment to find gaps.



Prioritize risk based on your business model and goals.



Apply mitigation controls, process and procedures to cover gaps.



24x7 monitoring forsecurity alerts and compliance violations.

P3 Model

Our cyber security solutions with P3 Model

Protect Your Data

Data security is the technique of preventing digital data from being accessed by unauthorized parties, being corrupted, or being stolen at any point in its lifecycle. It is a notion that covers all facets of information security, including administrative and access controls, logical security of software programs, and physical security of hardware and storage devices. Organizational policies and procedures are also included.

Robust data security measures, when executed correctly, guard against insider threats and human mistake, which continue to be among the main causes of data breaches in the modern era, while also safeguarding an organization's information assets against cybercriminal activity. Implementing tools and technology that improve the organization's visibility into where its crucial data is located and how it is used is a key component of data security.


Are you at the risk of your computers being accessed by unauthorized personnel? Don't worry we encrypt your hard disk drives so no one can access it without key. Cyberonix manages full disk encryption using Windows BitLocker and Mac FileVault, taking advantage of the technology built into the operating systems.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) controls accidental data loss. DLP enables you to monitor and restrict the transfer of files containing sensitive data.

File activity monitoring

Monitor how sensitive files are accessed in real time, whether they are on Windows Servers or in the cloud. Strong filtering makes it simple to identify the solutions you need; monitoring IP address and machine name identifies the precise access.

Data compliance

Do you have business requirements to stay compliant? Whether it is SOX or any ISO, we help you stay compliant by eliminating threats and loop holes in your data management process.

Protect Your Devices

Protect Your Users

Users are often the weakest link in chain. In today's complicated threat landscape, every employee must be responsible for their actions. Just one mistake by one employee, clicking on one link in one email, could result in fraud, a data breech, huge costs, and damage to your company's reputation.

Access control and Monitoring

Are your employees being operating under least privilege model? A model that imposes access control restriction on your employees based on their role and time of the day. Policy-based access controls include the firewall, content control, and web content control with URL categorization. You can boost employee productivity by enabling true power of web filtering that disables all the unproductive websites and protect sensitive data being copied to USB drives with USB device control.

Email Security

Email continues to be the single biggest source of cyber-attacks globally. A recent survey* estimated that in 2022, 74% of threats initially entered organizations via email. So why not to block the risky emails before they reach your employees? Cyberonix provides robust email filtering and intercepts threats before your employees fall victim of email cyber attack.

Phishing Tests & Training

Cyberonix teaches and evaluates your end users using realistic security awareness training, automated attack scenarios, and useful reporting metrics. Phish Threat offers you the adaptability and personalization your business needs to promote a healthy security awareness culture.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Cyberonix teaches and evaluates your end users using realistic security awareness training, automated attack scenarios, and useful reporting metrics. Phish Threat offers you the adaptability and personalization your business needs to promote a healthy security awareness culture.

Employee education

Every employee in your company can benefit from user security awareness training by learning to identify, prevent, and report dangerous threats like phishing, malware, ransomware, and spyware that could jeopardies important data and systems. Mock phishing and other attack simulations are frequently used during training to evaluate and reinforce positive behavior.

Network Security

Next generation
Network Web
Network App
Network Malware
Secure Firewall

Cloud Security & Posture Management

We Detect, identify, and respond to threats across your company's cloud ecosystem

You need to be more security conscious than ever when you deploy cloud-based workplace applications like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Box, and Dropbox. Despite the fact that the provider is in charge of protecting these applications, you are also in charge of protecting the content that transits via them.

Secure your Microsoft 365 apps, Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud storage

Key Benefits

  • Scan Microsoft Exchange Online Mailboxes for malware
  • Scan and Intercept risky Microsoft Teams Messages in real time.
  • Real time Scan to identify hidden malware in Onedrive, Google Drive and Dropbox storage.

AWS | Azure | GCP

Most MSP do not have required experience or skills to fight threats in cloud environments as cloud assets operates from remote data centers and apps are going serverless now as compared to last decade. To protect your cloud workloads and applications, we integrate our cloud security solution with your AWS, Azure or GCP environment.

Cloud Network Security

Gain network visibility, detect network anomalies and enforce segmentation.

Fix Security Gap

Get automatically identify and risk-profile security and compliance risks, with contextual alerts grouping affected resources, detailed remediation steps, and guided response.

Cloud Malware Prevention

Ensuring stored data is free from malware that can spread across cloud environments is an essential yet often overlooked security requirement for cloud storage services.

Optimize Costs

Track cloud services side by side on a single screen for improved visibility, receive independent recommendations to reduce spend, and identify indicators of compromise.

Cloud Resource Monitoring

Keep an eye on your resources in AWS, Azure and GCP infrastructure an easy way.

Stay Complaint

Automate compliance assessments, save weeks of effort mapping Control IDs from overarching compliance tools to Cloud Optix, and produce audit- ready reports instantly.

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