Cloud Services

A service model that is built on three key aspects in mind

Managed Microsoft 365

Stay connected and get things done with Microsoft 365 without worrying a bit about the complex cloud administration Microsoft 365 helps boost employee collaboration and productivity with Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and centralized OneDrive online storage. Let us help you be more productive than ever by bringing your employees together virtually and improved workflow delivery.

With Cyberonix managed MS 365 offering, you can solely focus on your business as we administer MS 365 apps. Whether you need to provision user accounts or you need a consultation for your next cloud project, we are here. Moreover, an average service provider neglect your cloud data security due to inadequate tech resources or lack of skills whereas we manage and secure your Teams messaging, File transfer, Onedrive, Sharepoint and email accounts with real-time content scanning, so you have a piece of mind working in cloud.

Key benefits of Cyberonix Managed MS 365

  • No need for in-house IT admin
  • Timely delivery of new requests
  • Know what apps are right for your business, don't pay for what you don't need
  • Optimize license costs with our monthly reviews
  • Stay secure with our Cloud App Security
  • Malware detection and removal from Onedrive, Sharepoint, Exchange Mailboxes and Microsoft Teams.
  • Data Loss Prevention

Managed Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Are you running Cloud workloads or planning to go on the Cloud journey? We manage your Amazon cloud infrastructure and offer managed services around-the-clock. Our professionals are commited to provide uninterrupted infrastructure operations, cost efficiency, and security compliance.

Cyberonix helped many businesses with managed AWS service to administer and monitor your cloud directory, EC2 workloads, serverless functions, security, compliance, CI/CD and lot more. Send us a message to know more.

Key benefits of Cyberonix managed AWS account:

  • Continuous monitoring of cloud resources
  • Regular review of assets to reduce cost overheads
  • Scale up to hundreds of servers with in minutes
  • Added cybersecurity
  • Get visibility into cloud spendings with monthly reports
  • On-demand consultation

Migration Services

Considering moving your infrastructure to the cloud? Top reasons
why companies are moving their infrastructure to the cloud.

´┐ŻOrganizations are migrating to the cloud as it can save hard eared money. In cloud you only pay for the resources you use, which can be a lot cheaper than buying and maintaining your own hardware and software. With AWS migration, you can choose for monthly pricing or pay-as-you go where you are billed based on hourly activity.

Cloud-based solutions can increase scalability by enabling businesses to relocate their data and apps to the cloud, where they can benefit from the scalability and flexibility. You can scale applications and data up or down as needed without investing in new infrastructure by migrating to the cloud.

Do not hesitate to send us a message to know more about how Cyberonix can help you move infrastructure to the cloud.

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